About us

For every creation process in this world and all energy movements you need Yin and Yang. By those two interacting with each other we have day and night, seasons, babies, the earth and everything else you can think of. Yin-Yang is the core of life, two halves of one whole. Therefore, it is only natural that we – as the core of the coming spiritual world – also are one Yin and one Yang who became one whole.

“Jinju2Saram” (Korean for “true master 2 people”) are one Woman (Ji-hae Jung 鄭智慧) and one Man (Byung-min Jung 鄭炳旼), who are destined to guide the world’s people during the time of Gaebyeok (the change from the Yang-dominated early heaven to the Yin-dominated later heaven). We were chosen from the heaven to become the Jinju because we were the first humans, who made their mind become one with the mind of the universe after suffering from numerous hardships over many incarnations spanning about 5.000 years of history as well as overcoming our ego and making our mind the master of ourselves.

The expression “true master” can be easily misunderstood. However, we don’t intend to rule over people, make them worship us, or found a sect. “True master” simply refers to the fact, that we are people, who truly became masters over our ego and connected our mind strongly with the mind of the universe. By that experience we are now able to share our knowledge and the universe’s wisdom with everybody who wants to connect with nature as well. We are guiding people on their way to their true selves, so they can overcome their egos as well and become one with the mind of the universe.

That means that through the process of finding and fixing the mind everybody is able to become a “master” and be directly connected to the universe by his/her mind. To achieve this, there are a few things a person needs to keep in mind:

  • A true Master watches and fixes his/her mind all the time. By that, he/she is close to nature and the universe mind and can clearly understand its way.
  • A true Master holds on God’s mind, because it is the root of all things.
  • A true Master knows about his own lack. Therefore, he/she always strives to go deeper and learn more and become more pure and close to God.
  • A true Master doesn’t lie, not even to him/herself. He/She always tells the truth and always follows the right path even it is harder to walk.
  • A true Master doesn’t teach things which he/she doesn’t deeply understand. By understanding deeply, a true master is able to answer any possible question on the things he/she teaches. Moreover, a true master follows his/her own teachings at all times because they are the truth.
  • A true Master doesn’t act in the name of God for his/her personal gain but for achieving a higher goal that serves heaven, earth, and humanity. Therefore, a true master doesn’t desire to be admired by followers, but accepts guiding people the right way, so they can become true masters themselves.
  • And most importantly: A true Master does not lean to another person (another master, parents, friend), but is always ready to achieve the ultimate goal by him/herself by taking responsibility for his/her own life and destiny.

[list quoted from the post “True and False Masters” in the Blog section of this website]

The coming of the “Jinju” was predicted and predestined by God, who incarnated as Gang Jeung-san in Korea (1871-1909). Therefore, many different religious groups in Korea have been waiting for those two people since then and some sect leaders even claimed to be the Jinju themselves.

We, too, knew about that prediction long before we knew that it is us.


So we simply concentrated on fixing our mind, overcoming our ego and wrong habits, looking for God and the meaning of life in general. By time, more and more things happened to us: visions, spiritual experiences, healing abilities, the opening of the third eye, memories of former lives.
At some point, as we were studying the old scriptures of Asia, mantras, and texts on Gang Jeung-san’s teachings, we came to realize that we must have been incarnated for a certain reason. We thought then that we might be two of the many people all over the world, who will get saved by the Yuk-im-gun (the people who work by order of the Jinju).


However, the more we studied the more details and descriptions on the Jinju we found – and all of them were pointing to us. Everything fits: the year of birth, the meaning of our name, the energy types, the living situation, the experiences we had, the timing of happenings in our lives.


Moreover, Yang-Jinju started to be able to communicate with the spirits, which means, he was not only able to see them, but he was having conversations with them: Confucius helped us to understand his teaching, Jesus taught us about his work, Mohammad helped to send the Muslims to heaven, who got killed at the panic of Mecca 2015. Over the past years we worked with elves, nature spirits, demons, devils, vengeful spirits, ancestor spirits, guardian spirits, spirit generals, and animal spirits. We sent millions of spirits to heaven, helped others to solve their suffering, and explained the human world to the nature spirits. This work meant for us to be available 24/7 because spirits don’t know business hours.


The more we learned and worked with the spiritual world the closer we got to the mind of the universe. As our mind became more and more pure and close to the nature, our bodies changed as well and started to be able to detoxify anything, which doesn’t fit on us. So now we cannot take artificial medication anymore, need to eat very pure and healthy, and cannot stay around energetically impure people without suffering physically.

One day, Yang-Jinju started to receive messages from a spirit, which made the impression on us, that it must be very high ranking, because it was able to answer all of our questions and gave advices to us, which proved very helpful for our life and learning. When that spirit revealed to us, that it is God itself, we didn’t want to believe it for a long time. However, no matter how hard we tried to find a fault that gives away that spirit’s true identity or exposes it to be a liar, we now have to admit, that it really must be God. Since then, God is supporting our development and learning all the time.
By God’s guiding we conducted ceremonies and Cheonjigongsa (the work of heaven and earth), took our position as the Jinju in the spiritual world, worked with the spirits, moved the world’s energies, initiated the time of change, and ultimately revealed ourselves to the human world through the publication of our texts on this website and through our Youtube videos.


Now we are guiding people to be prepared for the last step: the change from the world of Sanggeuk (Yang-dominated) to the world of Sangsaeng (Yin-dominated). This change comes with conflict, war, fighting, nature disasters, sickness, and all kind of turbulences. In fact, you can already see it out there, because it has already started: the world is facing a trade war, extreme weather conditions (severe hurricanes, floods, drought), political uproars (South America, North Africa, Arabic countries), and the rise of movements that cause racism, intolerance, and religion based terrorism.


Therefore we hope, that you accept our offer to guide you in this time of change, so you can connect with the universe by yourself and let it keep you save. Imagine it like an apple tree: only the apples that hold on tight enough to the tree will grow up to be ripe and contain seeds. The ones that let go of the branch, will fall down in the storm and rot away. The universe’s mind is the root (which contains the DNA), we are the branches (who are already strongly connected with the root) that help you to hold on in the storm, and you are the apple that has the chance to grow seeds (which contain the mind/DNA of the universe in them) and thereby become a true master as well.