Activation of Devil Spirits

This time we will talk about the activation of the devil spirits ("bongma").

So what are devil spirits? Why devil spirits exist? This kind of things you might wonder, we think. So we will explain more in detail after showing you the discription of the Bongma in a chart:


Devil Spirit


Alcohol Devil


Disease Devil


Poverty Devil


Sleep Devil


Sex Devil


Human Body












5 Elements












5 Dao Laws












5 States of Mind


origin of mind


growing of mind


forming of mind


emerging of mind


completion of mind

It will be difficult for you to understand our explanations, if you didn't understand the Five Laws of Dao (Osang) first. Therefore, we recommend reading the Osang before you continue reading this text.




First, let's have a look at the Alcohol Devil.

What is an Alcohol Devil? An Alcohol Devil is a spiritual being which makes people become alcoholic. For example, somebody drinks alcohol, because he/she loves someone so much or hates someone a lot, so he/she drinks to forget about it. People drink alcohol to forget about their suffering, however, do you think by drinking alcohol all the emotions, which gathered in your mind, will really disappear? No. When you drink too much alcohol your liver gets destroyed, and by your mental becoming semi-conscious for a moment you feel like you forgot about the suffering. However, the actual emotions, which you have about that person, didn't disappear. Also, if you drink too much, it is difficult to think deep, so you become less considerate about other people. Therefore, when people drink too much alcohol and become drunk, they talk rubbish and act stupid a lot.


The Alcohol Devil exists to help people to realize that nothing can be solved through alcohol by making people, who have such a weak mind, obsessed with alcohol. Therefore, when you have hard time, do not try to solve it by drinking alcohol. The most natural method to get better is to try to feel the emotions and the suffering that occur in your mind and deeply think about them.



The second one is the Disease Devil.


What is a Disease Devil? A Disease Devil is aroused by those who don't have the right mind. Disease Devils are spirits, who you should be grateful to, because they make people get sick who are liars, or whose inside is different from their outside, or who are not polite - just to mention a few examples. By that, they give those people a chance to realize what they did wrong, and help them to reflect on themselves.


Look at the world nowadays. So many people promise that they can prevent a disease by their method and advertise about it. They make people get vaccinated, give them vitamins, make them take various health checks, or telling them to keep a talisman for protect yourself or your house. However, as you probably know well from your own life experience: even if you try hard to prevent it, a person who is supposed to be sick, will get sick anyways.


If your mind is faulty, a Disease Devil will arouse and use all the methods available (which means, anything from small scratches to really severe sicknesses). Therefore, to prevent arousing a Disease Devil and to release one, that already came to you, there is no other way than fixing your own mind and reflect on your wrong doings. All the medicine is in your mind, so you can use the Taeeul Mantra, because it helps you to see your mind. When your mind gets bright by that, you can find out why the Disease Devil came to you and correct your mind. After you fixed your mind, the Disease Devil will not be able to enter you and leave naturally.


(BTW, we know about bacteria and viruses as well, but those are always in and around your body. However, it is the Disease Devil who activates them. Only by that activation you will suddenly develop symptoms. That's why some people can be around the sick without getting sick as well, and others get sick, without ever going out of the house. It is all about the mind!)



Third, we will explain about the Poverty Devil.


What is a Poverty Devil? A Poverty Devil makes people poor and needy. So what kinds of people are made poor and needy by this devil? Let's think about it.


When we look at some stories for children, such as Heungbujeon or Hokburi Yeonggam (=Korean children stories), you can easily see which people become poor and destitute by a Poverty Devil. Yes, it is the greedy people. Greedy people, who do not know their place and behave despicable and greedy, attract a Poverty Devil, who will then make that person lose everything he/she has. And by that, he/she becomes poor and needy.


Let us give you an example. Think of a case like "Panama Papers", that appeared in the news a while ago. "Panama Papers" is one of the most famous cases in the world of celebrities and entrepreneurs hiding funds to avoid paying taxes. So what happened to them? Many of them lost everything (money, reputation, positions) on the charge of tax evasion. Numerous politicians and senior officials in several countries lost their jobs and were sent to jail. Many celebrities lost all their fame overnight. All of these things were caused by their greed. Because they tried to hide their money and did not want to pay taxes, they lost the trust of people when the truth got revealed. So what do you think caused the information about "Panama Papers" to leak to the public?


This is what happens, when a person is greedy and the Poverty Devil arouses. By that you can lose all of your achievements in just a moment. However, who can you blame when you caused it all by yourself, by your greedy mind? The Poverty Devil is not an evil spirit, it simply wants you to see that money is not the most important and you shouldn't hang on it so much.



Forth, let's look at the Sleep Devil.


What is a Sleep Devil? A Sleep Devil is a spirit who makes you sleepy. Why does it make you sleepy? It is because your mind lacks will to achieve something (lack of life purpose).


A Sleep Devil arouses to the people who don't have enough Eui-Qi (justice, purpose, will), makes them sleepy and have lack of concentration. That way the Sleep Devil shows to people that this person has no will to achieve things which he has in his mind. On the other hand, a person, who has a clear life purpose, is always full of Eui-Qi and energetic. Maybe you saw it by yourself: those people don't need much sleep and always try to focus and work hard. They can work hard because they know what they do it for. However, when you look at people, who have a weak life purpose or none at all, you might see that their eyes look empty and their body seems to lack energy/qi. This happens because they have no reason to cheer up themselves and attracted a Sleep Devil, who simply wants them to realize about their lack.



Let's learn about the Sex Devil.


What is a Sex Devil? A Sex Devil is a spirit who makes you focus on sexual things. That means, they make people only see the shiny and beautiful things. So why does a Sex Devil arouse?


It arouses because many people only focus on outside appearances. When you get influenced by a Sex Devil you overly do and think about sexual things, so your concentrated qi (your life qi), which is stored in the energy spot in your lower belly, starts running out. This can lead to impaired kidney function and ultimately you might become unable to have sex or conceive a baby. By creating this embarrassing situation, a Sex Devil wants to make people look back and see how they did in the past, so they feel regret about their life which was only focused on the outside.


That means, a Sex Devil helps people to look at their inside by making them waste their concentrated qi first. People, who are able to see their inside, we can call wise. To become wise you must be able to see inside into all the things that exist in the world. After people are able to see their inside, they can understand their mind and can fix it. By doing that, you will perceive the outside things differently, because your mind is connected with your eyes and ears. And when your mind and your way to look at the world changed, the Sex Devil will leave naturally.


Nowadays, many people live a life that is far from looking at the inside: they spend a lot of time getting addicted to adult videos, cheating on their spouse (in real or in their mind), or just decorating themselves with a beautiful or cool look. We are not telling you to go to a temple or monastery and become a monk because you are obsessed with sex and beauty. Both the outside and the inside must be seen together. This phenomenon happened because our society is not open minded about sexuality, maybe by being too shy or ashamed about it, or by too strict religious doctrines.


When your natural desire of having a sexual relationship with your mate gets suppressed out of embarrassment, religion, or public opinion, you are more likely to fall for immoral things such as porn addiction, child molestation or rape. So it is really important to accept that your sexual desire is natural and to have the wisdom to see its inner beauty together. When sexual desire and wisdom are in harmony, you will be able to handle this topic in the most natural way. Sexual desires are not "evil temptations" or something to be embarrassed about: it is perfectly natural for one yin and one yang to have the wish to combine in order to create life or simply to share their energy. So accept your sexual desires in wisdom and with an open mind.




Now, after having explained the kinds of devils that exist in the world and their purpose, we want to emphasize once again:

Devils are not evil spirits, who need to be eliminated. Devils are beings, who originate from God and who exist for helping us to fix our minds and actions. So from now on, you don't need to think of them as bad things and you don't need to be afraid either. You can be grateful every time they give you a hard time, because it means, that God cares about you and sent somebody to help you fixing your faults.