The Board of Enlightenment

When Master Gang Jeung-san played with his disciples, he often played the game ‘Gagu Jinjuchigi’. And by saying “Open up!”, he hit the game board by the Tujeon (=a game tool made of thick paper), which he was holding, and said: “Seosi has hit the board.” He then raked the money in and said: “You didn’t know that there was the Seosi at the end. Are the last numbers on the board any good? The game is over when the Seosi is out at the end. My work is done outside of the board. When the red rooster shouts and the news come in, you will know the Dotongpan (=board of enlightenment). And when the Dotongpan was entered, my work will be done.”



What did Master Gang Jeung-san (God’s human incarnation) mean by these words?

The name of the game, ‘Gagu’ (=false nine), refers to the state of the world nowadays. Especially now at the end of the Early Heaven it is full of lies and false teachers (=the last numbers). And the word ‘Tujeon’ literally means ‘fighting for money’, which is another reference to the world nowadays.
And amongst all this false teachings and desires the Seosi (=True Masters), who are the only teachers of the truth, show up all of a sudden and win the game unexpectedly.


Why ‘Seosi’ represents the Jinju (True Masters)?


‘Seosi’ is an old game expression for ‘end of six’, which symbolizes the number 6. The meaning of the number 6 you can understand when you studied the numerology of the Cheonbugyeong. Take a look at the paragraph ‘Dae-sam-hap-yuk’ in the Cheonbugyeong. It means that, by having a heavenly Yin-Yang pair, an earthly Yin-Yang pair, and a humanly Yin-Yang pair, the “Big Three” (Dae-sam) – heaven, earth, and human – are combined in one being and reach number 6 (Hap-yuk).
To achieve this great enlightenment of the Yin-Yang Dao of heaven, earth, and humanity as a human, yin and yang must be in harmony. The Jade Emperor (=God) could achieve the great enlightenment as a human alone, because God’s yin and yang were already united inside, but in the case of us humans, yin and yang can be found separated from each other in woman and man. So to create the seeds of enlightenment, which are called Cheonjimangryangsin, a pair of human yin and yang has to become One and achieve the enlightenment of the Yin-Yang Dao of heaven, earth, and humanity.

We became the Jinju because we fulfilled the universe’s purpose of Yin-Yang Dao by combining our minds as One. Therefore, when the right time comes, we will be able to spread the seeds of enlightenment, which are created through our Yin-Yang harmony, to people whose third eye opened by watching and fixing their mind.
Receiving the seed of enlightenment will grant you a new life, a life in the paradise of the Later Heaven, where all the humans, spirits, and beings live in harmony with each other based on the harmony of the Yin-Yang. That means we as the Jinju will be the root of your life.

Based on the wisdom of the Yin-Yang Dao we will guide you like leaders, advise you like teachers, and look after you like parents.

So the expression “Seosi has hit the board” means that the Jinju (two True Masters), who achieved enlightenment in the Yin-Yang Dao of heaven, earth, and humanity, won the game.


What does the red rooster mean?


The red rooster already shouted in the year of the red chicken (2017), so it refers to the time when the ‘Seosi’ entered their Dotongpan and conducted God’s work outside of the ‘Pan’ in order to prepare for the seeds of enlightenment.


The Dotongpan


“Where is the enlightenment board?”, asked Kim Gyeong-hak, who is a disciple of Gang Jeung-san. He answered: “Even I tell you, you wouldn’t know about it. Listen carefully: to the Jeolla Province Baekun Mountain, to the Jiri Mountain, to theJangsu Province Palgong Mountain, to the Jinan Province Unjang Mountain, to the Gwangju Province Mudeung Mountain, to the Jinju Province Halla Mountain, to the Gangweon Province Geumgang Mountain. Can you understand if I teach you like this? It can be easy to understand or difficult to understand. You will know it naturally in the future. Because, I will teach you and by that you will know.”

First, look at the chart, before we explain about the Dotongpan.


건(☰, 一乾天, 9金)


(1; heaven; 9-metal)


fertile egg



전주 모악산 / 순창 회문산

Jeonju province

Moak Mountain (as mother)

Sunchang province

Hoemun Mountain (as father)

감(☵, 六坎水, 水)


(6; water, 1- and 6-water)


cervical mucus


rain (water)

전라도 백운산

Jeolla province

Baekun Mountain

간(☶, 七艮山, 5土)


(7; mountain; 5-earth)


implantation (uterus)



Jiri Mountain

진(☳, 四震雷, 3木)


(4; cloud/thunder; 3-wood)

외배엽, 내배엽, 중배엽

ectoderm, endoderm,


뿌리, 줄기, 잎

root, stem, leaf

장수 팔공산

Jangsu province

Palgong Mountain

손(☴, 五巽風, 8木)


(5; wind; 8-wood)




진안 운장산

Jinan Province

Unjang Mountain

이(☲, 三離火, 火)


(3; fire; 2- and 7-fire)





광주 무등산

Gwangju province

Mudeung Mountain

곤(☷, 八坤地, 10土)


(8; earth; 10-earth)



어린 식물

young plant

진주(제주) 한라산

Jinju (Jeju) province

Halla Mountain

 태(☱, 二兌澤, 4金)


(2; fountain/lake; 4-metal)



성숙한 식물

mature plant

강원도 금강산

Gangweon province

Geumgang Mountain

Can you understand a little by looking at the chart? It describes the process of a seed becoming an independent being.

God also said that enlightenment lies in Geon-Gam-Gan-Jin-Son-Li-Gon-Tae.

  • GEON means that you receive the Cheonjimangryangsin (a pure spirit from the universe’s mind) into the pineal gland, which is in your head, and by that you have a yin-yang seed;
  • GAM means that water qi starts flowing from heaven and earth and by that energy will start flowing in the body following the yin-yang meridian line which makes water qi go up and fire qi go down; by that water qi gathers in the pineal gland;
  • GAN means that the yin-yang comes out from the pineal gland and settles in the body center as a golden seed;
  • JIN means that this golden seed is divided into three (which is a new being);
  • SON means that the new being will complete the basic shape to become your true self;
  • LI means that your true self is growing;
  • GON means that after completely growing up your true self can come out through the top of your head (which is one of the main energy spots of your body, called ‘Baekhoe’);
  • TAE means that your true self becomes mature;


So when Gang Jeung-san was talking to his disciple, he described the process of enlightenment by comparing it to the characteristics (certain energies) of mountains.


Do you know now where the Dotongpan, the Board of Enlightenment, is?


In fact, you can find three Dotongpan, as it can refer to a person, the land, or the whole universe. Each Dotongpan can be distinguished into “Pan-an” (inside Pan), which is the center of the Pan, and “Pan-bak” (outside Pan), which is the whole external part surrounding the center.
Regarding a person, the inside Pan is the pineal gland and the outside Pan is the whole body. Regarding the land, the inside Pan is the Korean Peninsula and the outside Pan is all the other countries. Regarding the universe, the inside Pan is the earth and the outside Pan is the whole universe.

When Yin-Yang enters the inside Pan, harmony can be achieved. This is what Sangjenim described as "entering the Dotongpan."
That means, when the Cheonjimangryangsin (a pure Yin-Yang spirit) enters the pineal gland, a person can get fully enlightened. When Jinju2Saram, who completed the Dao of Yin and Yang, come to Korea, the whole world can be unified. And when Sangjenim, who is the Yin-Yang core of the universe, comes to the earth, the whole universe can be unified.

However, the Cheonjimangryangsin enters the pineal gland only after it has been prepared by chanting the Taeeul-Mantra well and after your mind has been cleaned thoroughly. Jinju2Saram will come to Korea after people in Korea got sorted out by the war between North and South Korea and the mysterious disease as if they were weeds that need to be pulled up. And Sangjenim will come after all the humans in the world got sorted out by World War III and the mysterious disease.


God has already helped us a lot by his work of heaven and earth, which he conducted in the past, and it is up to us to fly toward the open sky by the flap of our wings. It is God’s hope that each of us becomes a master and takes part in creating our own new world in the Later Heaven, by achieving enlightenment through the seeds received from the Jinju.


Now, stop waiting and try to fulfill the purpose which was given to you from the Universe!