The Scripture of Middle and Harmony

Chapter 1


相授心法은 允執厥中이니라.
상수심법은 윤집궐중이니라.  

Sang-su-sim-beop-eun Yun-jip-gweol-jung-i-ni-ra.

The law of mind which we must teach each other, is to hold the middle which is the God mind in oneself with true faith.


中也者는 天命之性이라.
중야자는 천명지성이라.

Jung-ya-ja-neun Cheon-myeong-ji-seong-i-ra.

萬理具備하여 天變萬化가 皆從此出하나니, 乃天下之大本  而爲道之體니라.
만리구비하여 천변만화가 개종차출하나니, 내천하지대본  이위도지체니라.

Man-ri-gu-bi-ha-yeo Cheon-byeon-man-hwa-ga Gae-jong-cha-chul-ha-na-ni, Nae-cheon-ha-ji-dae-bon I-wi-do-ji-che-ni-ra.

The middle is the God mind which was given to you from heaven.
In the middle, insight in ten thousand principles can be found without any shortage. Ruling the heaven - and by that creating ten thousand changes -, is all possible by chasing this mind. The middle is the greatest foundation of the world and should be regarded as the substance of the Dao.



和也者는 卽率性之謂라.
화야자는 즉솔성지위라.

Hwa-ya-ja-neun Jeuk-sol-seong-ji-wi-ra.

四達不悖하여 天下古今이 皆由此出하나니, 天下之達道  而爲道之用이니라.
사달불패하여 천하고금이 계유차출하나니, 천하지달도  이위도지용이니라.

Sa-dal-bul-pae-ha-yeo Cheon-ha-go-geum-i Gye-yu-cha-chul-ha-na-ni, Cheon-ha-ji-dal-do I-wi-do-ji-yong-i-ni-ra.

To be in harmony means to follow the voice from the nature which is the God mind in you.
By being in harmony, things are flowing freely without hinderance or opposition and you are conversant with principles in all directions. By being in harmony all the ancient and present times in the world are revealed to you. Being in harmony allows you to use the Dao by becoming conversant with the Dao of the world.





The key point of the Junghwagyeong is: all people in this world have the God mind in them, which is the middle. So you need to grab that God mind well. It is good enough, if you understand about “jung” (middle) and “hwa” (harmony) by studying the first chapter of the Junghwagyeong. You will be able to read and understand the other chapters after you truly understand “jung” and “hwa”. So it is better not read the other chapters now.

Nowadays, many translations of this Junghwagyeong got published which were written by people who didn't completely understand “jung” and “hwa”. That's why all those books are deceptions. The Junghwagyeong can only be explained by somebody who is enlightened of his/her true self and therefore achieved the one mind. The deceiving books don't contain the truth, but their author's desires, so when you keep reading them, you will develope the same desires and become arrogant as well.


However, now is the time to let go of your desires, so don't gather the wrong knowledge and don't deceive other people. Instead, above all you need to fix your mind and hold on the middle.



Source: Gang Jeung-san Sangjenim

Translation and Commentary: Jinju2Saram