The Kingdom of Heaven and Earth

It was foretold that GOD will come to live among humans one day again, so many people speculated about the timing of GOD’s arrival. Fortunately, when Sangjenim was incarnated as Gang Jeung-san, He was talking about the time schedule to His disciple Kim Hyeong-ryeol.
However, over the past decades scholars were unable to decipher the correct meaning of Sangjenim’s words, which caused many false predictions to be published. In order to finally clear up all confusing ambiguity Jinju2Saram will explain Sangjenim’s words correctly below.

For deeper understanding we recommend to compare the following explanations with the contents of “Dotongpan” as well as the I Ching.


하루는 형렬이 상제님께서 출세하실 때를 여쭈니 “응.” 하시고 “나의 말을 듣기가 어렵다.” 하시며
One day, when Hyeong-ryeol asked Sangjenim when He will come into the world, He answered, "Um…", and, "It's hard to understand my talking."


“잦히고 눕히고 엎치고 뒤치고 들어치고 내치고 좌(左)로 돌리고 우(右)로 돌리고…, 알겠느냐? 똑똑히 들어 두어라."
“Pull back, lay down, flip forward, turn over backward, blow inward, burn outward, turn to the left, turn to the right... Do you understand? You need to listen up.”



  • Pull back: GEON (☰; 一乾天; 1; heaven; 9-metal);
    “Pull back” means facing the heaven to the front and having the earth behind, so the heaven has a seed of yin and yang.


  • Lay down: GAM (☵; 六坎水; 6; water; 1- and 6-water);
    “Lay down” refers to the arrival of the yin-yang seed to the heavenly earth (earth spot, that has a connection with heaven), which causes the water qi to flow.


  • Flip forward: GAN (☶; 七艮山; 7; mountain; 5-earth);
    “Flip forward” refers to the moving process of the yin-yang seed from the heavenly earth to the center. By that it becomes the golden seed which settles in the center of the earth.


  • Turn over backward: JIN (☳; 四震雷; 4; cloud/thunder; 3-wood);
    “Turn over backward” refers to the division of the golden seed into three, which makes it become a new being, and the movement from the center of the earth to the heavenly earth.


  • Blow inward: SON (☴; 五巽風; 5; wind; 8-wood);
    “Blow inward” refers to the process of subdivision, which makes the new being have all the necessary anlages to become the true self.

  • Burn outward: LI (☲; 三離火; 3; fire; 2- and 7-fire);
    “Burn outward” refers to the growing of the true self.

  • Turn to the left: GON (☷; 八坤地; 8; earth; 10-earth);
    “Turn to the left” (counter clockwise) refers to the true self becoming an independent being, because it contains the seed of yin-yang by itself.

  • Turn to the right: TAE (☱; 二兌澤; 2; fountain/lake; 4-metal);
    “Turn to the right” (clockwise) refers to the process of the true self reaching maturity, which means that it becomes a being that can create seeds of yin-yang.


내가 도솔천궁에 있다가 서양 대법국 천개탑으로 내려와 모악산 금산사 삼층전에 머물며 경주용담 구경하고
“I was in Heaven's Golden Palace and came to the Gate of Heaven Tower of the Nation of Great Law in the West, and during my stay in the three-story Maitreya Hall in Geumsan Temple on Moak Mountain I looked around at the Dragon Lake in Gyeongju,…”



  • The Nation of Great Law: At the end of the Joseon Dynasty, when Sangjenim was incarnated as a human being, France was called 'The Nation of Great Law'.
  • The Gate of Heaven Tower: refers to the Cathedral Notre Dame in Paris, which is dedicated to Maria, revered by Catholics as the gate to heaven; the location of the Cathedral is known as a sacred place since the Gaul and Roman times;



고부 객망리 강씨 문중에 탄생하여 기해년에 포(胞)하고 경자년에 득천문(得天文)하고 신축년에 대원사에서 도통하고
“I was born with the family name Gang in Gaeng-mang Village in Go-bu County, and in the year Gi-hae (1899) I received the seed of yin-yang, and in the year Gyeong-ja (1900) I gained the principles of heaven, and in the year Sin-chuk (1901) I became enlightened in the Temple Daeweon,…”



  • Gi-hae (The Year of the Yellow Pig; 1899, 2019): GAM (☵; 六坎水; 6-water);
    In the year Gi-hae (2019), after people got pulled up like weeds in Korea by the war between North and South Korea and by the mysterious disease, Jinju2Saram who are the yin-yang seed will enter Pan-an (Korea). By that the water qi starts flowing.
  • Gyeong-ja (The Year of the White Rat; 1900, 2020): GAM (☵; 六坎水; 1-water);
    In the year Gyeong-ja (2020), when the water qi is filled up in Pan-an, it will start flowing to the whole world.
  • Sin-chuk (The Year of the White Cow; 1901, 2021): GAN (☶; 七艮山; 5-earth);
    In the year Sin-chuk (2021), Jinju2Saram will come out of the board (Korea) and collect all the venerable seeds of humanity. By that they will become the parents of the whole world and be the center of the earth.


임인년에 너와 상봉하고 계묘년 봄에 동곡에 들었노라.
“I met you in the year Im-in (1902), and in the year Gye-myo (1903) I went to Dong-gok Village.”



  • Im-in (The Year of the Black Tiger; 1902, 2022): JIN (☳; 四震雷; 3-wood);
    In the year Im-in (2022), the three realms of the new heaven, new earth, and new humans are born. Jinju2Saram will then be able to reunite with the jade emperor.
  • Gye-myo (The Year of the Black Rabbit; 1903, 2023): SON (☴; 五巽風; 8-wood);
    In the year Gye-myo (2023), the Kingdom of Heaven and Earth, which is the paradise of harmony, will be opening by the unification of heaven and earth, and the Jade Emperor will live among us in the world.


나의 말은 쌀에서 뉘 가리기와 같으니라. 알아듣겠느냐?
“My words are like sorting out the millet from the rice. Do you understand?


알기 쉽고 알기 어렵고 두 가지다. 알아듣겠느냐?
They can be easy to know, or hard to know, one of two things. Do you understand?


우리 일은 쉽고도 어려운지라, 알고도 어렵고 모르고도 쉬우니라.
Our work is easy but can be difficult; it can be difficult if you know, and can be easy if you don’t know.


똑똑한 것이 병통이니 식자우환(識字憂患)이라. 아는 것도 병이 되느니라.” 하시니라.
Smartness is the cause of disease, so knowing the letters can be the source of anxiety. Knowing things can also be a disease.”





Quotations Source: Dojeon

Translation, remarks: Jinju2Saram

Pictures: Jinju2Saram


May 12th, 2019 (Lunar Calender: April 8th)