Releasing Vengeful Spirits

There are two main obstacles on your way to the Dao. One of them is vengeful spirits (“cheoksin”) and the other one is devil spirits (“bongma”). This time, we want to talk about vengeful spirits.


What are vengeful spirits?


In short, they are human spirits, who suffer from bitterness and grief. During their lifetime as humans, something happened which made them angry and bitter, but they died without resolving it and became spirits, who have bitterness and grief in their mind. After becoming vengeful spirits they haunt and torment the person, who made them suffer, or his/her family members, to prevent them from living a happy life. For example, vengeful spirits can cause an accident to hurt somebody, they can go into human bodies and control their feelings, body functions, and personality, or they can blur the sense of justice of a person and force him/her to do wrong things. They also make life difficult for people by appearing in dreams, or give them the sensation of having scissors in the bed to make them afraid and disturb their sleep. In this way, the spirits do everything they can to avenge themselves on the person, who caused their suffering. This torment can start in the same lifetime as the cause of the suffering, as well as in the following incarnations of the offender, because the vengeful spirits recognize a person’s soul and who he/she was in his/her previous life.

We haven't seen a single person without vengeful spirits. In the Early Heaven, which is the world of Sanggeuk (mutual conflict), everyone in the world has committed sins – whether small or large ones – in this and his/her past lives, sometimes even without knowing it. We saw people who have just a few vengeful spirits and those, who have several thousand. One of them was once a famous general in Korea, who fought in the war and had tens of thousands of enemy soldiers killed in the name of saving his country. Due to that, he was surrounded by more than a thousand vengeful spirits, even he was reincarnated as a different person. Another example was one of the emperors of the old Roman era. He was a man who could not lead the people right and had done many terribly evil and cruel things which cannot be expressed in words. This man’s soul also had more than a thousand vengeful spirits in his current incarnation.

When we looked into the former lives of many people, most of them committed sins during war. What is war? War means, humans kill other humans. And it is not only about killing enemy soldiers, but killing and raping innocent civilians, who live in that land, as well. Yes, you guys, who are reading this article, may be one of those generals or soldiers who killed innocent civilians. Many people do not want to believe that, especially when it is related to the war. You cannot change your previous life experiences, but people often only want to see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear. We are telling them the most necessary and helpful stories, not just the good ones, because they can become more mature by looking at their wrongdoings from the past and not repeating them. In the past, sometimes we helped people talk to their vengeful spirits, and they often cried without recognizing it by themselves. These tears happened out of repentance, because their soul knows that they committed a sin in their past life.

And now, let's think about the Japanese military's forced exploitation of Korean women during the Japanese colonial era. When we listen to the stories of old women, who survived from Japanese Military sexual slavery, we can feel sorrow from their minds. A little girl, who knows nothing, was dragged into the Japanese army and raped. How can their mind be fine? Such resentment does not disappear even after death.

The anger of children who have been killed through abortion or child abuse, which seems to happen often nowadays, is also huge. When the child in the belly is three months (=10 weeks after conception) the soul enters the body and becomes one with it. If you kill such a child, who already has everything a human needs to have, the soul resentment is beyond description because the child dies without even seeing the light of the world. This life, which innocently happened by not using contraception or by rape, got killed simply because of people’s irresponsibility and selfishness, so their resentment against their parents and the doctor and this world is so big that it even shakes heaven and earth.
Okhwang-Sangjenim said, “In order to give birth to one of your descendants, your ancestors must work at least 60 years.” Nowadays, people are not aware of this fact and do not want to know about their ancestors. However, all of them are naturally born with a sense of guilt, so when they misbehave, their subconscious can feel it, but they choose to ignore that feeling.
When an abortion was conducted, you can see the spirit of a baby with its four limbs torn apart attached on a person. The baby spirit keeps following its parents or the doctor, who conducted the abortion, and tries to solve its anger to them. Their anger is so big, that they welcome every opportunity to attach themselves on bombs or fire and kill many people by the explosion.

Nowadays people are careless about their sentences and abuse others by the words they use. They just talk as they please and easily hurt the minds of others. This also happens, because they don’t know the connection between cause and effect. You should always remember that everything you say and everything you do will return to you one day.


So, how can we release the vengeful spirits from their bitterness and grief? First of all, it is important to offer a sincere apology. Even if you think that you haven’t done anything wrong, it will for sure come out when you look at it clearly.

There are many people who look for the Gwanseong Mantra because of their vengeful spirits. It is good to chant this mantra. But, never chant the Gwanseong Mantra with the intention of getting rid of vengeful spirits by asking the gatekeeper of the Jade palace to cut them with a single stroke. It is not right to do so from the point of humanity and you crazily use the Gwanseong Mantra without knowing its true meaning. The Gwanseong Mantra exists to expel the evil spirits, who interfere with the learning of Dao without a reason, and it is not a spell for kicking out the vengeful spirits. The vengeful spirits might go away for a while by being afraid of the guard spirits, but it eventually only makes them angrier. Just think about it: is it right to call the guard spirits to punish the vengeful spirits which happened by your wrong behavior?

The Gwanseong Mantra is a mantra which helps you to distinguish right and wrong in your mind and reflect on your own mistakes. The Gwanseong Mantra is called a righteous mantra because you can receive righteous qi by chanting it. It is a spell that helps your crooked mind to become more righteous and straighten up again.



Reflect on yourself. Reflect. You need to ask for forgiveness even if you think you are not guilty. Don’t just pass it by the excuse that you cannot see the spirit or don’t know about it. If you really want to know and are curious about what sin you committed, the vengeful spirits will recognize it and show it to you by dream or vision.

Another way is to try hard to chant the Taeeul Mantra. You will feel what you did wrong when you are in a deep state of concentration. The Taeeul Mantra is a mantra which makes your mind become one with the mind of the parents heaven and earth, so if you chant it by understanding the meaning correctly you can feel God. Then, you will be able to feel the mind of the universe and the existence of all the Deities which exist in the God of heaven and earth.

As you chant Taeeul Mantra, you will ultimately understand the suffering of your vengeful spirits, so ask for forgiveness with a sincere mind to them. Then their mind will be released from their suffering and they will forgive you when they are ready for it. And if you are somebody who dreams of taking part in the great work, they will help you and work together instead of disturbing you.