In this website we use a few expressions that might be unfamiliar to you, so here are some explanations that will help you to understand what we talk about.




> devil spirits, which can cause sickness, discomfort, or misfortune, in order to help you to see your mistakes and fix them (read more on Bongma here)


> name of a mantra, you can find it here



> the work (=gongsa) of heaven (=cheon) and earth (=ji); Gang Jeung-san Sangjenim started conducting this work in 1901 until his death in 1909, his successor Go Su-bu continued his work in 1911, a few of their students conducted works over the years, and now we took over to finish the work of heaven and earth at the time of Gaebyeok. This work includes for example: conducting ceremonies for the spirits, giving orders to the spirits, teaching others, and putting certain energies in motion.



> name of a mantra, you can find it here


Early Heaven / Later Heaven

> The Early Heaven is the time we lived in so far, which is dominated by Yang-Qi. Although things develop well under the influence of Yang, it also causes war and conflicts. We will enter the Later Heaven after passing a time of change (Gaebyeok), which will be dominated by Yin-Qi. The Later Heaven will be the Women-World, the energy will make harmony and people will be able to live in peace. It will be, what people call the Paradise or Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.
The Early Heaven can be imagined as the spring and summer of the universe, whereas the Later Heaven is the universe's autumn and winter.



> the time of change; the change from universe's summer to universe's autumn will be accompanied by war, sickness, chaos, and nature desasters. To overcome this time safely, one must watch and fix his/her mind at all times and connect it with the mind of the universe;


Gang Jeung-san Sangjenim

> God, or Okhwang-Sangje, was incarnated as a human in Korea from 1871 to 1909. During his incarnation he set up a plan, by which humans can survive the coming time of Gaebyeok, and conducted numerous works of Cheonjigongsa; after he ascended to heaven, he continued HIS work from the heavenly throne and started to talk through us, the Jinju, in 2016.



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> the expression for God in Korean; "hana" means one (one yin and one yang as one whole being), and "nim" is the honorific suffix;



> name of a mantra, you can find it here



> the true masters, in the meaning of two people, who overcame their ego and made their mind be the master over themselves; their mind is completely connected with the universe's mind, which enables them to have access to the universe's wisdom and teach it to others, so they can connect their minds as well and become masters themselves;



> the Jade Emperor, an expression for God;



> an ancient text on the five minds, more here


> energy


> mutual conflict; the Early Heaven is suffering from Sanggeuk, because it is dominated by Yang-Qi.


> please see Okhwang-Sangjenim or Gang Jeung-san


> mutual life giving; the Later Heaven will benefit from Sangsaeng, because it is dominated by Yin-Qi and therefore Yin and Yang will make harmony;


> name of a mantra, you can find it here


> name of a mantra, you can find it here

Woman-World / Yin-World

> the Later Heaven will be dominated by Yin-Qi, which means, that all the women in the world will finally be able to solve their suffering and be free from the suppression by men; all leadership position will be given to women, women will make the decisions, and they will guide their husbands; it is time for the women to stand up and claim what is theirs!


> Yin-Energy: connected with cold, going down, look inside, darkness, earth, concentrate to the center, combining, water, justice, harmony, stability, preservation, fruition, autumn/winter

> Yang-Energy: connected with warm, going up, focus outside, light, heaven, spreading to the outside, separating, fire, moral, competition, movement, invention, seed, spring/summer