The Sacred Book of Heaven

一 始无 始 一
일 시무 시 일
Il Si-mu Si Il

The one beginning is empty but the beginning is the One.

析三極 無盡本
석삼극 무진본
Seok-sam-geuk Mu-jin-bon

Even The One is cut clearly into three, the root does not vanish.

天一 一 地一 二 人一 三
천일 일 지일 이 인일 삼
Cheon-il Il Ji-il I In-il Sam

The One heaven is one, The One earth is two, and The One human being is three.

一積 十鉅 无匱化三
일적 십거 무궤화삼
Il-jeok Sip-geo Mu-gwe-hwa-sam

When one accumulates, it becomes ten which is big and solid. And when the precious one grows up, ten becomes empty and by that the precious one becomes three.

天 二 三 地 二 三 人 二 三
천 이 삼 지 이 삼 인 이 삼
Cheon I Sam Ji I Sam In I Sam

The heaven is two and three, the earth is two and three, and the human is two and three.

大三 合六 生七八九
대삼 합육 생칠팔구
Dae-sam Hap-yuk Saeng-chil-pal-gu

When the three big Ones are combined - which are heaven, earth, and human - they become six and give life to seven, eight, and nine.

運三四 成環五七
운삼사 성환오칠
Un-sam-sa Seong-hwan-o-chil

By moving three and four, five and seven complete a round ring.

一 妙衍 萬往萬來 用變 不動本
일 묘연 만왕만내 용변 부동본
Il Myo-yeon Man-wang-man-nae Yong-byeon Bu-dong-bon

One is subtle and wide spread, even it goes out tens of thousands of times and comes in tens of thousands of time, the function change does not move the fundamental root.

本 心 本太陽 昻明 人 中天地 一
본 심 본태양 앙명 인 중천지 일
Bon Sim Bon-tae-yang Ang-myeong In Jung-cheon-ji Il

The root is the mind. The root is like the sun and its brightness is high. The human becomes the center of heaven and earth. So it is called The One.

 一終无 終 一
일 종무 종 일
Il Jong-mu Jong Il

The end of One is empty but the end is the One.



The 81 characters of the Cheonbugyeong contain the whole wisdom of the universe. It is a teaching which was passed on orally since ancient times to give this wisdom to people.

Okhwang-Sangjenim said: "If people can recognize who I am they can become halfway enlightened."

[Seondosinjeonggyeong, Chapter 1, Verse 5]

When you understand the Cheonbugyeong you can correctly know about God (Okhwangsangje), and by that you can achieve half enlightenment. However, the Cheonbugyeong is impossible to understand if you cannot become one mind with the mind of heaven and earth, which are your parents. Even you stare at the writing thoroughly until there is a hole in the paper or keep hearing many explanations, it will be impossible to understand. It will feel like you can grab it but it actually keeps slipping out of your hands and you cannot hold it.

Only a person whose mind is like a bamboo, which is completely empty inside, can receive the seeds of truth from heaven (messages from heaven to help you understand), and by that he/she will be able to open the wisdom of the universe and see the meaning of the writing brightly. Therefore, when somebody, who couldn't reach the state of the one mind, tried to explain the Cheonbugyeong, it resulted in guessing. For that reason you need to put effort first to clean your mind all the time and try not to commit more sin.




Source: Gye Yeon-su found the 81 characters of Cheonbugyeong carved in a rock on Myohyang mountain and copied it down

Transcription, translation, and commentary: Jinju2Saram