Chilseonggyeong - Explanation

The Scripture of the Seven Stars




The mirror of great wisdom gives me a good picture of myself, and everything becomes clear.


  • Hye: means holding the heaven and earth parent's mind; in here the person, who is holding it, is Okhwang-Sangje (Jade Emperor=God) who became one with the parents heaven and earth; their mind is revealed; we call it wisdom; wisdom comes from the stars of the North, because the Jade emperor said: “The Seven Star from the north is my star.” (Seven Star=Big Dipper)
  • Gam: You will be able to look at the mind of the Jade emperor, and his mind reflects your appearance correctly and by that you become a person, who is one with the mind of the parents heaven and earth. So, through this mirror of wisdom, we will be able to realize that we are all children of the Jade emperor (Okhwang-Sangje).

大聖北斗 七元星君 北斗九辰 中天大神
대성북두 칠원성군 북두구진 중천대신

Dae-seong-buk-du Chil-weon-seong-gun Buk-du-gu-jin Jung-cheon-dae-sin

Great and holy Seven Stars, Seven Monarchs of the greatest stars,
Nine Celestial Bodies of the Northern Dipper, Great God in the middle of the sky,

  • Buk-Du: it refers to the Big Dipper, which is the constellation Seven Star in the north;
  • Chil-weon-seong-gun: Seven Monarchs who are ruling the Big Dipper (Constellation Seven Star), which are the chief stars in the universe; they are called: Tamnangseonggun, Geomunseonggun, Nokjonseonggun, Mungokseonggun, Yeomjeongseonggun, Mugokseonggun, Pagunseonggun;
  • Buk-du-gu-jin: Nine Celestial Bodies of the Northern Dipper, that means the Seven Monarchs plus Woeboseonggun and Naepilseonggun (7 stars + 2 stars)
  • Jung-cheon-dae-sin: Sin refers to the God mind, which became one with heaven and earth mind and filled up the whole universe; the mind which is in the middle of the heaven, expresses as God;

上朝金闕  下覆崑崙  調理綱紀  統制乾坤
상조금궐  하복곤륜  조리강기  통제건곤

Sang-jo-geum-gweol Ha-bok-gol-ryun Jo-ri-gang-gi Tong-je-geon-gon


Shining up to the Heavenly Golden Palace, where the Jade Emperor is staying,
to below covering the Kunlun Mountain, which is the root of the mountain range of the world,
to convey the truth of nature evenly, by making high positions lead and lower positions follow,
by that it rules and controls the heavens and the earth.

大敎  貪狼  巨門  祿存  文曲  廉貞  武曲  破軍
대교  탐랑  거문  녹존  문곡  염정  무곡  파군

Dae-gyo Tam-nang Geo-mun Nok-jon Mun-gok Yeom-jeong Mu-gok Pa-gun


The Great Teachings of the Seven Monarchs: Tam-nang, Geo-mun, Nok-jon, Mun-gok, Yeom-jeong, Mu-gok, Pa-gun


高上玉皇 紫微帝君 大周天界 細入微塵
고상옥황 자미제군 대주천계 세입미진

Go-sang-ok-hwang Ja-mi-je-gun Dae-ju-cheon-gye Se-ip-mi-jin

And the Great Teachings of the loyal Jade Emperor and Lord-Emperors in Jamiwon,
in a large way it can greatly affect the world of the heavens, and it is deliberately involved in even the smallest dust.

  • Go-sang-ok-hwang: the place where Okhwang-Sangje (the Jade Emperor) works (like White House); while Okhwang-Sangje is working, Woeboseonggun serves as an assistant;
  • Ja-mi-je-gun: the constellation sphere around the north celestial pole; it is a place where the Lord-Emperors who belong to Jamiwon are gathered and have meeting (like National Assembly Hall); at this time, Naepilseonggun plays the same role as a chairman (chief) who oversees the domestic affairs;

何災不滅 何福不臻 願旺正氣 來合我身
하재불멸 하복불진 원왕정기 내합아신

Ha-jae-bul-myeol Ha-bok-bul-jin Weon-wang-jeong-gi Nae-hap-a-sin

Will not all disasters be destroyed, and all blessings come?
I wish for the bright qi of the heaven and earth parents, who are the source of my mind, and the energy of Seven Stars to come down and become one with my body.

天罡所指 晝夜常輪 俗居小人 好道求靈
천강소지 주야상륜 속거소인 호도구령

Cheon-gang-so-ji Ju-ya-sang-nyun Sok-geo-so-in Ho-do-gu-ryeong

As the Big Dipper in the sky directs, as day and night always return constantly,
this little one, who lives in the bridle of the world, loves the Dao and therefore is seeking for the spirit of the heaven and earth parents.

願見尊儀 永保長生 三台 虛精 六淳 曲生
원견존의 영보장생 삼태 허정 육순 곡생

Weon-gyeon-jon-ui Yeong-bo-jang-saeng Sam-tae Heo-jeong Yuk-sun Gok-saeng

I want to see the protocol of your dignity, so please preserve my life so that I may live a long life.
Three lords of Sam Tae Sung, which are Heojeonggaedeokseonggun, Yuksunsagongseonggun, Goksaengsarokseonggun,


  • Sam Tae Sung: 6 stars from Great Bear constellation (3 pairs);


生我 養我 護我 身形
생아 양아 호아 신형

Saeng-a Yang-a Ho-a Sin-hyeong

Give birth to me, raise me, protect me, and shape me.


  • "Me" in here refers to your true self; giving birth to me means, that I have a true self in my mind, which is same spirit as the heaven and earth parents;

魁𩲃𩵄䰢魓𩳐魒 尊帝 唵唵喼喼 如律令
괴작관행필보표 존제 엄엄급급 여율령

Gwoe-jak-gwan-haeng Pil-bo-pyo Jon-je Eom-eom-geup-geup Yeo-yul-ryeong

Gwoeseong (Gwoe star), Jakseong (Jak star), Gwan…, Haeng…, Pil..., bo..., pyo..., Jon..., Jeseong (Je star),
I am calling for you with my voice like thunder by my mind of wanting to follow the nature law and I am willing to accept the order from my parents heaven and earth.


  • Eom-eom: the sound of a big lightning. In this mantra it refers to the thunderous voice of yours;
  • geup-geup: your mind is in a hurry as if you are trying to catch the tail of the person which is in front of you;
  • Yeo-yul-ryeong: the same mind as you have when you listen and follow the words of the heaven and earth parents; you receive the order of the heaven and earth parents well;



Source: It originated from a Taoism scripture in China. Writer unknown.

Correction and Transcription: Jinju2Saram





The Taeeul Mantra is the mantra which helps you to hold the root of your mind. So through the Taeeul Mantra your mind can become one with the heaven and earth parent's mind. By that, the third eye (pineal gland), which is in the center of your head, will get activated, and it will be able to act as a Samsin (three realms).


Through the Chilseonggyeong your body becomes one with the qi of the Seven Stars of the north (=Big Dipper), so the seven energy spots (holes: nose, ears, mouth, eyes) in my head will receive the qi from the Seven Stars.

After achieving both of those steps - having Samsin (three realms) and Chilseong (Seven Star) in your body - the conditions for giving birth to a true self are fulfilled.

However, if the seed of the true self, which is the Cheonji-Mangryangsin (=a holy spirit of heaven and earth that grants enlightenment), does not comply, the true self cannot be created. The reason for this is, that the Cheonji-Mangryangsin only comes to people who have a pure mind. So for people, who have a crooked mind, it doesn't matter how hard they chant the Chilseonggyeong, they will only receive a fake Mangryangsin because of their greedy mind, instead of become enlightened. So you will always have to watch your mind.
The seed of the Mangryangsin has to be planted in your head. By that, the true self can emerge and ultimately become one with you.
That means that you can be reborn as a member of the universe and as one of the children of the Jade emperor (=God).
However, you will have to fix your mind first instead of going crazy and chanting the Chilseonggyeong just to become enlightened. There is a saying from the book “The Great Learning” that says: “When you know, which one comes first and which one comes afterwards, you are close to the Dao.”
So, study your mind and throw away your greed first, even though it is harder to fix your mind than to die.