Gwanseong  Mantra - Explanation

天下英雄 關聖帝君 依幕處 近廳
천하영웅 관성제군 의막처 근청

Cheon-ha-yeong-ung Gwan-seong-je-gun Eui-mak-cheo Geun-cheong

Gwan-seong-je-gun, who is the hero of the world under the heaven, we are respectfully asking in the direction of the place where you currently stay, ....



  • Yeong-ung (Hero): a person full of justice qi, whose acting and behaviour is righteous
  • Gwan-seong-je-gun: the title for the wife and husband who has the last name Gwan; currently they hold the supreme military power and rule the spiritual military together
  • Eui-mak-cheo: a place, where you stay temporarily to protect people, similar to a military camp




... all the spirit generals, who protect heaven and earth in the eight directions, ....



  • Pal-bang-wi (eight directions): 4 directions (east, west, south, north) and 4 directions between (SW, SE, NE, NW)



六丁六甲 六丙六乙 所率諸將
육정육갑 육병육을 소솔제장

Yuk-jeong Yuk-gap Yuk-byeong Yuk-eul So-sol-je-jang

... the 6 Yin-spirits Jeong and the 6 Yang-spirits Gap, the 6 Yang-spirits Byeong and the 6 Yin-spirits Eul, who are the 24 Dun-gap spirit generals, and all their soldiers: ...



  • Yuk-jeong-yuk-gap: yuk=6; jeong=heavenly stem, yin; gap=heavenly stem, yang;
    6 Yin-spirits Jeong: Jeong Chuk Sin, Jeong Myo Sin, Jeong Sa Sin, Jeong Mi Sin, Jeong Yu Sin, Jeong Hae Sin
    6 Yang-spirits Gap: Gap Ja Sin, Gap In Sin, Gap Jin Sin, Gap O Sin, Gap Sin Sin, Gap Sul Sin
  • Yuk-byeong-yuk-eul: yuk=6; byeong=heavenly stem, yang; eul=heavenly stem, yin;
    6 Yang-spirits Byeong: Byeong Ja Sin, Byeong In Sin, Byeong Jin Sin, Byeong O Sin, Byeong Sin Sin, Byeong Sul Sin
    6 Yin-spirits Eul: Eul Chuk Sin, Eul Myo Sin, Eul Sa Sin, Eul Mi Sin, Eul Yu Sin, Eul Hae Sin
  • Dun-gap-sin-jang: 24 spirit generals, who keep the order of time and space by taking responsibility for the 24 seasons (in asia, one year is separated into 24 seasons, each being 2 weeks long) and the 24 directions;




... Just once, please take away the vengeful spirits, who are hiding and disturbing me, so that I can be one mind with heaven and earth, who are my parents.



  • Sa-gwi: spirits, who hang on you by resentment for what you did to them in a former life;



唵唵急急 如律令
엄엄급급 여율령

Eom-eom-geup-geup Yeo-yul-ryeong

I am calling for you with my voice like thunder because by my mind I want to follow the nature law and I am willing to accept the order from my parents heaven and earth.






Source: Gang Jeung-san Sangjenim

Explanation & Translation: Jinju2Saram



An additional comment on this text you can look up underneath the Gwanseong Mantra. More information on Vengeful Spirits and Devil Spirits you can find in the section Dao Life.


In here, the meaning of following the nature law is that you are willing to follow the Sagangyukryun and the Osang. If you chant the Gwanseong mantra when your mind is not straight, you will waste your time without having any effect. Therefore, we recommend to first consider about what you did wrong to your Vengeful Spirits and repent your sins, before you try to push them away by force. When you show understanding for their grudge and are polite to them, they will leave by themselves. If you fix your mind well according to this advice, chanting the Gwanseong Mantra will support you in achieving the mind of justice.