Sicheonju Mantra - Explanation

侍天主 造化定   
시천주 조화정   
Si-cheon-ju Jo-hwa-jeong


When I serve the master of heaven rightly, the harmony becomes settled in me.


  • Si: means serve; you need to know what kind of being the master of heaven is, so you can serve rightly;
  • Cheon-ju: the Master of heaven, which means God, in Korean: Okhwang-Sangje (Jade emperor);
  • Jo-hwa: the ability to create and change everything, including the universe;
  • Jeong: it means, that the place for creation and change has been set in your body; in other words, the third eye is opened and by that your mind became connected with the parent's (heaven and earth) mind;



永世不忘 萬事知

영세불망 만사지

Yeong-se-bul-mang Man-sa-ji


I will never forget about it for eternity. Thanks to Okhwang-Sangje (Jade emperor), I got to know everything.


  • Yeong-se: eternal time;
  • bul-mang: I cannot forget the grace of God opening my eye of wisdom;
  • Man-sa-ji: it means, that you will know everything when your third eye opens and connects with the mind of the heaven and earth parent's mind;



至氣今至 願爲大降
지기금지 원위대강
Ji-gi-geum-ji Weon-wi-dae-gang


Now, I sincerely hope that you help me to reach the utmost qi, and give me the great enlightenment so I can become aware of god’s will.


  • Ji-gi: utmost pure qi (energy);
  • Gang: there are true enlightenment and false enlightenment; only the true humans who are close to the nature will receive true enlightenment;





You only can become aware of god’s will by being enlightened. By that you will know what your life destiny is. In order to do that, first of all, you must chant the Taeeul Mantra well and try to be one with the heaven and earth parent's mind.

The Sicheonju Mantra has to be chanted with the mind of praying to God sincerely.