Sicheonju Mantra

侍天主 造化定    永世不忘 萬事知
시천주 조화정    영세불망 만사지
Si-cheon-ju Jo-hwa-jeong Yeong-se-bul-mang Man-sa-ji

至氣今至 願爲大降
지기금지 원위대강
Ji-gi-geum-ji Weon-wi-dae-gang

Source: Choi Su-un received this mantra from Okhwang-Sangjenim, the ruler of heaven and earth and taught it to his followers

Transcription: Jinju2Saram



Gang Jeung-san's successor Go Su-bu said about the Sicheonju Mantra:

“This mantra helps you to receive the mission, which was given to you from heaven. It is the mantra which is the fundamental source of the endless greatest enlightenment. By chanting it I honor the most dignified parents heaven and earth, so my mind becomes same as the mind of heaven and earth, who are my parents. Thus I can work with them in one heart.”

[Source: 'Seonjeongweongyeong', written by Go Min-hwan, a follower of Go Su-bu]


In order to receive a mission, the foundation of the mind must first be established. To receive the mission from heaven, your mind needs to be connected with heaven and earth, your parents. Therefore, it is a good idea to chant the Taeeulju, which helps you clean your mind, and then chant the Sicheonjuju afterward, which is a prayer mantra to heaven and earth.

"Endless" refers to the state of one mind, which has no limitation. Therefore, if you receive the mission through the Sicheonju mantra, universe's wisdom will be opened and you will be able to know all the things of the world as well as be able to participate in the work of heaven and earth by using the harmony of the spiritual dao.

The heaven and earth parents are Taeul, which is the heart of this great universe. When you feel this place in your mind through the Taeeul mantra, you will be able to respect the heaven and earth parents in your mind. If you chant the Sicheonjuju with this kind of mind, it can be said that you chant correctly.

If you have a feeling of honoring the heaven and earth parents, you will try hard to follow that mind while you are in a real life situation. And ultimately, your mind will become like the mind of the heaven and earth parents and be one with it. By being one you receive great qi from the heaven. Thus you will always be able to work with your parents heaven and earth. This is the best state of one mind and the right way to become a real human. This is the way for all of us to go together.