Taeeul Mantra

吽哆 吽哆    太乙 天上 元君   
훔치 훔치    태을 천상 원군
Hum-chi Hum-chi Tae-eul Cheon-sang Weon-gun

吽哩 哆㖿 都來    吽哩 喊哩 娑婆訶
훔리 치야 도래    훔리 함리 사바하
Hum-ri Chi-ya Do-rae Hum-ri Ham-ri Sa-ba-ha

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After 50 years of meditation, Kim Gyeong-su received the Taeeul Mantra from heaven and delivered it to the reincarnated Gang Jeung-san.





Gang Jeung-san's successor Go Su-bu said about the Taeeul Mantra:

"The Taeeul Mantra contains the mind of heaven and earth. By that, it calms down your soul and spirit, which allows you to connect with the mind of heaven and earth, become one with the universe and look into the nature of all things."

[Source: 'Seonjeongweongyeong', written by Go Min-hwan, a follower of Go Su-bu]

That means, chanting the mantra naturally brings the soul (=heaven bound spirit, your true self) back to the pineal gland (=third eye spot) in your head and makes your mind become more clear. Also, the spirit (=earth bound spirit, ego, which is connected with your body) goes back to the heart and listens to the words of the soul, which is the master of your body. By that all the complicated and greedy thoughts disappear, and your emotions become controlled, so your mind becomes stable.

When your soul was staying in the pineal gland enough, it becomes clear and naturally connects with the mind of heaven and earth. By that, your mind becomes one with the mind of heaven and earth. If you have this one mind, you will be able to communicate with God and look into the nature of all things. That is why the Taeeul mantra is a miracle mantra.