What's this all about?

Everything in this universe follows a cycle: humans are born and die, a day comes and goes, you can see seasons or the birth and death of stars, or you simply look at the growing and ripening of an apple.

Each of those cycles – in the smallest scale as well as in the biggest – can be separated into two halves. The first one is dominated by Yang-Energy (or Yang-qi), whereas the second one is dominated by Yin-Energy (Yin-qi). Yang-qi means warmth, spreading, moving upward, growing, competing and separating – and Yin-qi means cold, concentrating, moving downward, clarity, death, making harmony and uniting.


You can easily see that when you look at a tree over the seasons. In spring the Yang-qi gets stronger, so the weather gets warmer and the tree starts growing new leaves because the energy and water returns back into its branches by being pushed up. In summer, when Yang-qi is strongest, the tree looks big, is full of leaves, and grows seeds or fruits. When autumn comes, Yin-qi takes over, so the weather gets colder and the energy of the tree goes down in its roots. By that, the leaves become dry and fall down. However, at the same time the fruits and seeds ripen, because the Yin-qi makes the energy of the tree become concentrated in them. In winter, when Yin-qi is strongest, the tree looks dead from outside, but keeps all its life qi concentrated in the roots to spread it again as soon as Yang becomes stronger again.

Similar to this example, everything in the universe follows a cycle dominated by Yang and Yin.
So far, the universe itself was dominated by Yang-qi. Proof for that thinking can be found all over the world: the world’s population kept increasing, there were conflicts and competition everywhere, the men ruled the world and suppressed the women, science kept developing fast, and everything always needed to become bigger, faster, better, higher. People’s minds also got influenced by Yang-qi, so they concentrated a lot on the outside: their looks, their clothes, their houses, cars, things, their reputation, their career, etc.

Being influenced by Yang-qi has many good aspects: humans were able to discover new lands and technologies, learn a lot, and develop many things that improved their lifestyle a lot. However, Yang-qi also causes conflict and competition, so people suffered from war, cruelty, suppression, and the pressure of fitting in this achievement-oriented society. Especially women had a hard time because too many men took them as their property or as lower beings.

Can you already see where I am going with this?
That’s right, at some point Yin-qi needs to take over, because the universe has a cycle as well, same as everything else.

So now try to imagine the universe’s life span as a year with seasons. If it was dominated by Yang-qi so far, then it must have been the universe’s spring and summer. Therefore, the universe’s autumn and winter needs to be dominated by Yin-qi.

What does that mean for the world? How do we know that Yin-qi takes over nowadays?

As you read already, Yin-qi means concentrating on the inside, becoming clear, making harmony, uniting, and of course the rule of women. Here are some examples which indicate, that the Yin-qi is getting stronger: women stand up and don’t let men use them anymore, women take over governments and leading positions, alliances of states (USA, EU, UN, NATO, etc.) are concluded, North and South Korea are working on unification, and there is a trend to concentrating on the inside by doing yoga, qi-gong, or other techniques.



As good as all of this sounds, it is a fact that Yang will not give up its dominance quietly. In a last attempt of keeping its power it will make everything reach a peak before it has to give it all up to Yin. That’s the reason why there are so many conflicts and wars in this world right now.

This time of conflicts and fighting, when Yang-qi clings on the power and Yin-qi wants to take over finally, was called “Gaebyeok” by the Great Master Gang Jeung-san, who lived in Korea (1871-1909). Gaebyeok is the transition time from Yang to Yin, or from universe’s summer to universe’s autumn. This Gaebyeok naturally comes with a lot of difficulties, because the men don’t want to give up their power to the women, the sovereign doesn’t want to give power to the subjects, and the ego (Yang) doesn’t want to give up its power to the mind (soul, Yin).

However, by the nature law the Yin-qi will ultimately take over. A tree cannot keep its leaves either when autumn comes just because it wants to continue the Yang-time.

So what we can do to prepare ourselves for that change? How can we get through the difficulties that come with Gaebyeok?
Should we prepare a bunker, water and emergency food? Do we need to get iodine for a world after a nuclear war? Or should we become members of the church and hope the priest can help us?

There is actually only one thing you really need to do: watch your mind and connect it to the mind of heaven and earth.

Your mind is the part of you, which people call true self.
By looking for it, watching it, fixing it, and connecting it to the mind of heaven and earth your way will become clear and bright, your access to the universe’s wisdom will open, your third eye will open, and you will easily distinguish between right and wrong. You will find answers to all your questions and you will feel safer than ever, because your spiritual parents heaven and earth always take care of you.

If you focus on your mind, it means, you align yourself with the universal energy, which is currently changing to Yin-qi. You concentrate, you center yourself inside, you gather qi (instead of spreading it), and you start to understand the Yin-mind of making harmony. This alignment with the mind and energy of the universe’s autumn, which is also called Later Heaven, will be the preparation you need to overcome the time of change.

Think about, how great this is!
You don’t need to spend money, you don’t need to travel, you don’t need to join a religion, and you don’t need to follow a leader. You can prepare yourself, wherever you are, just by looking at your mind!

And this is, what this website is about:

We guide you, so you can find, fix, and connect your mind. We provide mantras, which help you to clean your energy and to focus on your mind, and texts, which will help you to understand the principles behind as well as the universe’s wisdom. We advise you on your way to yourself, so you can become an independent true human, who is well connected to the mind of heaven and earth and therefore understands the Dao.

Nobody will ever force you, nobody will suddenly ask you to do strange things, and nobody wants you to join a certain group. It is all in your hand and depends solely on your own decisions. You can keep reading and try to fix your mind, release your vengeful spirits, and clean your energy – or you think this is bullshit and never visit this website again.

We simply provide guidance. It is up to you, if you accept it or not. It is our responsibility to offer you this opportunity because that’s why we are incarnated. We followed our inner calling for many years now and we will continue doing so because heaven and earth care about their children.

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Keep an open mind during reading, question everything, and put things in practice if you consider them right. And if you need any advice or guidance, feel free to ask!